Cleveland Stimulus Pledge

Take the pledge to give some or all of your stimulus check to groups in Northeast Ohio that need your support.

This month, many of us will receive a stimulus check from the federal government for $1,200. If you are still employed and do not need all of your check, or even if you earn too much to receive a check and wish to donate some of your income, consider donating to local groups that need support.

It may not feel like one person's donation will make much of a difference, but let's see how much we can raise together.

$65,000 pledged so far!

Take the Pledge

Unsure of where to direct your pledge?

The goal here is to keep money in our local economy and to do good with our checks. You can of course support a non-profit or local business that you already know. But if you're unsure, here are some recommendations for Northeast Ohio organizations:

If you want to support mutual aid programs where neighbors help neighbors address fallout from COVID-19:

If you want to transfer cash directly to those who have lost their jobs:

If you want to help address racial disparities in the effects of COVID-19:

If you want to help front line staff addressing domestic violence and child abuse:

Have another recommendation for that you want to share? Fill out this form. Here's the link to what folks have recommended.

This website was put together by Rebecca Maurer, a fan of Cleveland and a fan of collective action.

We will not share your name or information. Pledges are added up anonymously and only the total is shared. I promise not to use your e-mails for anything other than updating you about the campaign, and even then, only if you agree.